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College Football Playoff Standings

The final 2014 rankings for the College Football Playoff have been released and the picture is becoming clearer on who will play for the 2014-2015 National Championship. While the 13 person committee is now down to 12, the selection of the four teams atop the standings to play for the National Championship are what everyone are, and will be, talking about. In the meantime feel free to talk college football using the most thorough and complete directory of college sports forums online, or check the college football scores today or CFB standings to see where your favorite team stacks up in the race for the College Football Playoffs.

Also do not miss our new College Football Playoff resume comparison page where we break down the computers, polls, notable wins and more and compare each team vying for the Top 4 spots side-by-side.

Rankings updated 12.07.14

Official College Football Playoff Rankings:

1) Alabama

2) Oregon

3) Florida State

4) Ohio State

5) Baylor

6) TCU

7) Mississippi State

8) Michigan State

9) Ole Miss

10) Arizona

11) Kansas State

12) Georgia Tech

13) Georgia

14) UCLA

15) Arizona State

16) Missouri

17) Clemson

18) Wisconsin

19) Auburn

20) Boise State

21) Louisville

22) Utah

23) LSU

24) USC

25) Minnesota


Previous College Football Playoff Standings:

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