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2015 Outback Bowl Preview

Wisconsin (10-3 Big Ten) vs. Auburn (8-4 SEC)

Date: Thursday, January 1, 2015
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Television: ESPN2

This year’s Outback Bowl pits Nick Marshall led Auburn against the Big Ten’s Wisconsin Badgers.

Wisconsin comes in with the better record (10-3) and an arguably better running game with Melvin Gordon, but it is hard to look past the Badgers’ last game that was a 59-0 loss to Ohio State and their third quarterback of the season.

While Auburn’s defense would not be described as stout by any stretch of the imagination, it still ended up as a top 50 run defense this year. Marshall and Auburn played a significantly tougher schedule than the Badgers’ and the wins that Auburn has are much more impressive than those of Wisconsin. Although, it would be great to see Heisman runner up Gordon have a huge game and go out on top before he enters the draft, the Badgers 59-0 loss in their final regular season game, weak defense and even weaker schedule do not bring much confidence in seeing a Wisconsin upset.

Rose Bowl Prediction: Auburn 38 - Wisconsin 21


By Nikolai Gionti
DFN Sports Guest Writer

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