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Dash Fans Network Glossary of Terms

Since we here atthe Dash Fans Network use a few different terms such as “Partner site,” “Member site” or others, wethought it would be a good idea to definethese terms sothat potential members, partners, conferences sports fan sites and advertisers are not confused.

Dash Fans Network – Advertiser
An advertiser onthe Dash Fans Network will most likely be someone offering a sports-related product or service. While Google and other ad companies may be foundthroughout some of our member sites we prefer to have targeted advertising to better serve both our users and help our advertisers getthe word out totheir target market. While we prefer a sports-related advertiser, other advertisers are welcome to contactthe Dash Fans Network with inquiries.

Dash Fans Network – Conference Member Site
A Dash Fans Network Conference Member or Conference Member Site is a college sports fan site which is specific to some NCAA conference.the Dash Fans Network is designed to have Conference Member Sites which representthe many conferences in Division I-A college football, basketball & baseball andthen have each ofthese conference-specific sites partner with team or school-specific sites ontheir own. While many Conference Member Sites may be owned and operated bythe staff ofthe Dash Fans Network, many Member Sites may be independently owned and operated separately.

Dash Fans Network – Partner Site
A Dash Fans Network Partner Site is a team or school-specific fan sitethat has partnered with a Dash Fans Network-owned site.this partnership benefits both site by teaming up a Conference sports fan site with a team fan site of a schoolthat is a member ofthat specific conference.

"Examples of both Dash Fans Network Member and Partner sites can be found in our 2007 NCAA college football preview and don't miss our annual college football preview for this season's predictions across the NCAA's Football Bowl Subdivision. Also, check out our new rankings of the top college marching bands in the nation!" Also, check out our new rankings ofthe top college marching bands inthe nation!



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