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Texas Tech Red Raiders NCAA Tournament History & Scores

Texas Tech Red Raiders All-Time NCAA Tournament Record: 8-15

The Texas Tech Red Raiders, while having been coached by one of the all-time legends of college basketball, do not have a vast amount of NCAA Tournament success. Under the elder Knight, father of successor Pat Knight, the Red Raiders played in the NCAA Tournament four times and once in the NIT Tournament. Historically, Texas Tech has seen little success in the NCAA Tournament over the years with several multi-year lapses between NCAA Tournament appearances.

1954 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Santa Clara in first round, 73-64

1956 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Southern Methodist in second round, 68-67

1961 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Cincinnati in regional semifinal, 78-55
  • Defeated Houston in third place game, 69-67

1962 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Air Force in second round, 68-66
  • Lost to Colorado in regional semifinal, 67-60
  • Lost to Creighton in third place game, 63-61

1973 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to South Carolina in second round, 78-70

1976 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Syracuse in second round, 69-56
  • Lost to Missouri in regional semifinal, 86-75

1985 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Boston College in first round, 55-53

1986 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Georgetown in first round, 70-64

1993 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to St. John's in first round, 85-67

1996 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Northern Illinois in first round, 74-73
  • Defeated North Carolina in second round, 92-73
  • Lost to Georgetown in regional semifinal, 98-90

2002 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Southern Illinois in first round, 76-68

2004 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Charlotte in first round, 76-73
  • Lost to Saint Joseph's in second round, 70-65

2005 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated UCLA in first round, 78-66
  • Defeated Gonzaga in second round, 71-69
  • Lost to West Virginia in regional semifinal, 65-60

2007 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Boston College in first round, 84-75



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