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California Golden Bears NCAA Tournament History & Scores

California Golden Bears All-Time NCAA Tournament Record: 19-16

The Cal Golden Bears are not a program that many would expect great NCAA Tournament success from, but when you look at their history they are much more successful now than in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. A 30-year drought is what Cal saw from 19060-1990 but since then the Golden Bears have appeared in the NCAA Tournament 11 times between 1990 and 2011.

1946 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Colorado in regional semifinal, 50-44
  • Lost to Oklahoma State in regional final, 52-35
  • Lost to Ohio State in third place game, 63-45

1957 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Brigham Young in regional semifinal, 86-59
  • Lost to San Francisco in regional final, 50-46

1958 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Idaho State in regional semifinal, 54-43
  • Lost to Seattle U in regional final, 66-62

1959 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Utah in regional semifinal, 71-53
  • Defeated Saint Mary's in regional final, 66-46
  • Defeated Cincinnati in National Semifinal, 64-58
  • Defeated West Virginia in National Championship, 71-70

1960 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Idaho State in second round, 71-44
  • Defeated Santa Clara in regional semifinal, 69-49
  • Defeated Oregon in regional final, 70-49
  • Defeated Cincinnati in National Semifinal, 77-69
  • Lost to Ohio State in National Championship, 75-55

1990 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Indiana in first round, 65-63
  • Lost to Connecticut in second round, 74-54

1993 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated LSU in first round, 66-64
  • Defeated Duke in second round, 82-77
  • Lost to Kansas in regional semifinal, 93-76

1994 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Wisconsin-Green Bay in first round, 61-57

1996 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Iowa State in first round, 74-64

1997 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Princeton in first round, 55-52
  • Defeated Villanova in second round, 75-68
  • Lost to North Carolina in regional semifinal, 63-57

2001 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Fresno State in first round, 82-70

2002 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Pennsylvania in first round, 82-75
  • Lost to Pittsburgh in second round, 63-50

2003 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated North Carolina State in first round, 76-74
  • Lost to Oklahoma in second round, 74-65

2006 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to North Carolina State in first round, 58-52

2009 NCAA Tournament

  • Lost to Maryland in first round, 84-71

2010 NCAA Tournament

  • Defeated Louisville in first round, 77-62
  • Lost to Duke in second round, 68-53


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