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Northwestern football & basketball fans know that is the most complete source for Wildcat football & basketball message boards and sports forums available on the Internet. With links to all of the most active Northwestern message boards and and our unique Board Activity Ranking (BAR) system, Big Ten sports fans have found the most complete college sports fan site on the Internet.

Our list of Northwestern football message boards and sports forums brings you and boards as well as independent sports forums covering the Northwestern Wildcats. As one of America's most popular college sports programs, the Wildcats have a tradition that few NCAA schools can match. It is because of this that Big Ten fans provides this complete list of Northwestern message boards and forums.

It does not matter if you prefer the popular Scout board Wildcat Report at or another of the many Northwestern football message boards, College Sports Fans is your source for all of the top NU Wildcats sports boards and forums.

If you frequent a Northwestern Wildcats sports message board that is not listed on this page, please email admin (at) and let us know!

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Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern Football & Basketball Message Boards and Sports Discussion Forums is a NCAA college sports fan site covering College football, basketball & baseball. All of the Northwestern message boards listed above are independently owned and operated by other Northwestern Wildcat sports fans.



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