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2008 NCAA College Football Top 25: Top 25 After Week #3

Due to weather and power outage issues, we're just providing our Top 25 this week. Enjoy!


1) USC

2) Oklahoma

3) Florida

4) Mizzou

5) Penn State

6) Texas

7) Texas Tech

8) Wisconsin

9) Georgia

10) Oregon

11) LSU

12) Ohio State

13) USF

14) Auburn

15) East Carolina

16) Illinios

17) Utah

18) BYU

19) Kansas

20) Clemson

21) Wake

22) Tennesseee

23) Michigan State

24) North Carolina

25) Fresno State



  • Iowa

  • Ole Miss

  • West Virginia

  • Notre Dame

  • UConn

  • Miami

  • Florida State

  • Cal

  • Virginia Tech

  • Oklahoma State



By Matt Baxendell Staff Writer

Matt Baxendell is’s newest staff writer. If you’d like to join his college football therapy group, email him at matt.baxendell @ with all your questions, comments, and anything else you would like to share. Also be sure to check out Matt's 2008 conference previews here at!

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