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College Football Top 25 Rankings

College football is one of America's greatest sports captivating audiences from Labor Day through New Year's Day each year. The ranking system in college football is a combination of biased human beings and computer rankings which are then fed into the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) formula to determine the match-ups in the top-paying bowl games each year. This BCS system highly favors teams in the BCS Conferences, the Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, ACC, Pac-10 and SEC, as well as Notre Dame, the lone team with a separate contract. Fairness is rarely considered in any of these mathematical formulas and favortism towards the big schools is the key because we all know that money is what drives the sport, thus tainting the NCAA's already less-than-stellar reputation.

The College Football Top 25 is released early each week ranking the top teams in the land #1 through #25. The USA Today Coaches Poll is made up of college football coaches voting each week while the AP Poll, while not used in the BCS ranking fomula, is made up of voting media members. Below you will find links to the top sports resource sites providing the weekly college football Top 25 Rankings each week for reference as well as the Top 25 rankings provided by college football correspondent Matt Baxendell.

2009 College Football Top 25 Rankings


2008 College Football Top 25 Rankings

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