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I'm Not Disappointed in This Year's Season


Fans everywhere are crying out for a replacement for Charlie Weiss. With a 5 – 4 season at hand, many fans are getting fed up with Charlie’s ability (or seemingly lack thereof) to coach the illustrious football team to a national championship. After the first game where all the fans could breathe a little easier, and the vindication we received against Michigan, there were (unrealistic) thoughts that this could be the year of the Irish. But those of us who watched the little details (like lethargic play in the third quarter, miscues on seemingly routine plays, and lack of synergy on the defense) knew better than to get our hopes up.

After a disappointing round with Ty Willingham and the historical prestige that Notre Dame football carries, Irish fans are practically screaming for a National Championship and this year has been a huge letdown to many.

All in all, it seems that the Irish are a bit disgruntled. But I’m not. And I’ll tell you why.

  • Anything is better than last year. Let’s face it. Even though I’m a die-hard fan and will love the Irish pretty much up until the day I leave this earth, last year was excruciatingly painful to watch unfold. With such high hopes on Jimmy Clausen and the rest of the team following their near-awesome performance the year before, it was heartbreaking to see the losses rack up.
  • Rebuilding year or not, the team needs work. While this year is leaps and bounds above last year, there are definitely some things that need to be improved. The special teams for the Irish have shown the most improvement followed closely by the offense and the defense. But the team is far from perfect.
  • I’d rather watch the Irish lose close games than all-out blowouts. Many of the games that the Irish have lost (and won for that matter) this year would have been mega blowouts last year. I’d rather see my team lose in triple overtime any day than realize midway through the second quarter that the game was over before it even began.
  • It will make that Championship even better when we do get it. Note that I did not say “if.” Clearly it won’t be this year, but the fact of the matter is that we’re on the right path. Learning from the mistakes of games past is what separates championship teams from, well, just teams.

Putting on an Irish uniform carries more responsibility than most think. The guys on the line have my utmost respect and I’ll be perhaps one of the few Irish fans that say “Carry on Charlie. I know we’re in good hands.”


by Angela Moore Notre Dame Correspondent


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