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Parents Love Mike Gundy & His Recruiting Numbers Prove It


Dennis Dodd from has written an article about Mike Gundy’s press conference where he protested an article that a local sportswriter had written and, in essence, the media in general is helping his recruitment efforts for the 2008 class.

Dodd makes some interesting assertions and brings up some pretty sweet statistics. is saying that this year’s recruiting class for Okie State is in the top 25 this year, and 4th in the Big 12.

In fact, Dodd even appears to commend Mike Gundy. This seems to be a fast turnaround considering that on September 23, 2007 Dodd was saying that “ Mike Gundy needs to be reprimanded, definitely suspended, probably fined and maybe fired. “ Oh really? Now, he’s seen the light. In this latest article, Dodd states:

“This space suggested the day after the flaming that Gundy should be fired. Upon further review, maybe not. Gundy seems like a decent guy. No more tightly wound than some of his peers. He seemingly did not hold grudges against the media after that day.”

Now, Dodd’s singing a different tune as are most people who mocked and ridiculed Gundy after the infamous press conference, primarily fellow sports and editorial writers. Gundy, without knowing it, drew a line in the sand between staunch media supporters and parents who dearly love their kids no matter how old they are. And, whether people like it or not, parents have a lot of say in where their kids play football.

This is incredibly evident in the results of Gundy’s recruiting efforts so far. Without intending to, Gundy aligned himself with the parents who truly care about their kid’s well-being, their future, and their reputations. He made it very clear that he supports his players and he’s not afraid to do it in public. On top of that, this hasn’t been an every week thing. Some coaches rant and rave so much that you get sick of hearing their voice and seeing their name in the headlines. But Gundy has proven that he can be balanced, but he can also step up the plate when he needs to.

With parents and students coming up on National Signing Day on February 6 th and having to make huge decisions as to where they will get their education and, oh yeah, play football, you better believe parents are looking at all the variables. In fact, in my previous article about Mike Gundy, I said I want my kids to play for coaches like him. Parents today have the option of having their kids play for him and they’re jumping at the opportunity.

It warms my heart that this has become a major media story. Parents are choosing integrity and character as a leading factor in making big decisions like this. Parents are realizing that coaches like Mike Gundy can shape not only their kids’ hopes for the NFL and other professional sports, but they can shape their character as well.

I’ll be honest. Prior to the press conference, I didn’t know anything about Mike Gundy except that he coached Oklahoma State. Now, whenever I see an article about him or hear on teaser on the news that a story is coming up about him, I stop and pay attention. People like that impress me. It’s not always popular to stand up for what’s right, but Gundy and his team are a stand up group and they have a lot to be proud of.


by Angela Moore Guest Writer


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